July 13, 2022

Convert more leads: Why your service business can do better

Carpenter on laptop in workshop.

As a tradesman, if you offer a high-quality service, you want people to know about it. But in a digital world, that’s not always easy. Sometimes finding new clients, letting them know you’re there and converting those leads into paying customers, can be a real challenge. Competition is fierce and understanding the problem isn’t always straightforward.

To make life easy for service businesses like yours, we’ve outlined how our simple solution can allow you to convert more of your leads into customers.

The problem

Before the digital age, creating new leads and driving consumers to your service business was straightforward. A good trade business would promote itself on the high street through word of mouth and perhaps through local ads and promotions. Finding your business was easy for consumers and the ways to stand out made sense.

Today a big part of promoting your business is achieved online. If you want your customers to find you, you need a good website and the tools to convert those website visitors into paying clients. But how do you achieve that?

What makes customers happy?

It’s all about ease of experience. Whether you’re a tradesman, a business broker or you own a lemonade stand, all your clients require the same thing: simplicity. The same principles you would use with in-person customers apply to your website. Accessing your service needs to be easy. In fact, when it comes to converting your customers 33% of people say they’d pay 20% more for a convenient experience. That means booking your services should be simple.

If a prospective customer lands on your website, you’re halfway there, but you’ve not yet secured their custom. To convert those leads, you need to make it easy for those consumers to sign up for your services, directly from your website.

So how does a tradesperson achieve this?

The solution

The good news is, creating a lead conversion page for your trade website is simple. In fact, all the hard work has already been done for you.

Payaca, a CRM platform designed for service businesses, has created a customisable page that allows you to convert your prospective customers into paying clients.

Designed for trade businesses, the Payaca page is a customisable document that can be integrated into your website. It’s essentially a form, that can be tailored to your company branding, that allows clients to input their details and book your service, directly into your calendar.

How does Payaca help

To really make the most of lead conversion forms you should integrate these pages with job management software. If you’re not yet aware of what job management software is, then as a simple summary, it’s a platform that takes care of all your admin and manages all your processes digitally. Check out the payaca home page for more information.

With Payaca pages, customer details are automatically transferred into new deals that are managed from a slick user-friendly pipeline. It means taking on new clients is easier than ever.

Get more from your leads

As a business in the trade industry, you may need more than just basic customer details when taking on new leads. If, for example, you’re a plumbing business and your customer wants to book a boiler check, the ability to get specific information matters.

The good news is, those features are available. Payaca pages feature multiple-choice forms. These allow new leads to answer simple questions relating to the service they are booking and provides your trade business with useful information that will help you to get started on the new job.

Final thoughts

As a tradesperson, work can be hard and finding customers can be a challenge. But as we’ve sort to show you, there is a solution. Payaca offers many different features and tools that are designed to make your life easier while making you more money.

To find out more about how Payaca can help you, read our post on how to convert more job leads. If you’re interested in some of the other awesome features that Payaca offers, then check out our website or even give our free trial a go.