Streamline property maintenance operations

Advanced tools designed for property maintenance businesses.

Payaca CRM web and phone

Operate at maximum efficiency

Specialised tools for managing property maintenance services effectively.

Simplified Job Scheduling

Easily plan and track maintenance tasks.

  • Automate scheduling for routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Real-time updates and tracking for all ongoing jobs.
  • Manage team assignments and job progress efficiently.
Payaca mobile scheduling

Client Communication & Engagement

Maintain strong relationships with property owners and tenants.

  • User-friendly client portals for updates and queries.
  • Automate communication for appointment reminders and updates.
  • Gather feedback to enhance service offerings.
Payaca project overview

Compliance and Reporting

Stay on top of regulatory compliance and business analytics.

  • Digital documentation for easy access to safety certificates.
  • Detailed reporting for business insights and performance.
  • Efficiently manage compliance-related tasks and documentation.
Payaca tag analytics