About Us

Meet the team behind Payaca

Our Vision

To inspire ambition and innovation in technologically underserved industries

Our Mission

To make it simple for service business owners to convert more leads, automate workflows and grow their business 

Our Values

Take action: we are empowered to collaborate with anyone to solve problems in any area of the business

Be transparent: proactively share information where possible, document decisions, own mistakes

Design for simplicity: create the simplest possible products, features, processes and communications

Meet the team


Matt Franklin


Matt started Payaca believing that small businesses deliver the best services. He saw an opportunity to boost their chances of winning work by building digital tools that deliver the best customer experience possible.


Vikki Brooke

Software Engineer

Vikki was the first engineer to join Payaca, she's built a lot of our software from scratch and makes sure it all runs smoothly.


Martha Hearn

Software Engineer

Martha writes the code that makes Payaca work, she loves solving puzzles and is also a highly talented artist.


Chris Burton

Senior Software Engineer


Lauren Schmitt

Head of Growth


Josh King

UX/UI Designer

luke johnson

Luke Johnson

Head of Operations


Michael Russell

Customer Success Manager

If you need help using Payaca or want to learn how our most successful businesses are using it Michael is your guy.


Mark Weston

Sales Executive

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