Customer journey pipelines - The easy way to manage your workflow

Create custom pipelines for unique jobs, automate stage progression and access an interface optimised for your business

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No more job juggling - manage all your projects with an interface optimised for your business

Build custom pipelines that deliver a flawless customer experience and simplify team management

The perfect layout for optimal efficiency

  • Managing the customer journey has never been so simple with clearly defined stages
  • Switch between your pipeline and the table view to see all your projects and their progress
  • Manage your workflow from a new perspective with the pipeline view
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Customised pipelines built for your business

  • Create unique pipelines for your unique projects
  • Build your pipelines around your business processes, using a system that can be tailored to your needs
  • Add and remove custom stages and progress your projects in a way that works for you
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A system that runs itself

  • Progress projects through your pipeline with automated triggers
  • Automatically import new leads directly into your pipeline and let the system handle it right away
  • Never let a customer slip through the net, with a process that manages customers through the whole journey
Automation triggers and actions

Payaca's sales pipeline is built for services

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Organise customers

Create customers and keep all deals and attachments to hand with a single click.
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Keep all deals in one place

All your proposals, quotes, estimates & invoices are deals that are assigned to each customer.
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See everything

Understand the status of every deal in your pipeline  so you never miss an opportunity.
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Scheduled reminders

Automate payment reminders or send your team alerts based on customer status.

Custom Pipelines

Create a pipeline tailored to the workflow of your team and business.

Advanced automations

Ping a message to your team based on a customer update with a few clicks.