Visualise your workflow with customer journey pipelines

Create pipelines for different types of work, know exactly what needs to be done

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Payaca’s pipeline is a visual way to organise, track progression & automate workflows 

Build custom pipelines that deliver a flawless customer experience and simplify team management

Easily track the progression of each lead as they work through each stage of your sales process.

Moving deals through a pipeline

Prioritise leads at a glance, determine actions and  quickly focus on opportunities with ease.

Sales pipeline

Automate communication with your team & customers based on stages in the pipeline.

Discover every detail about your contacts. Quickly check quotes, invoices, tasks, events, schedules and more.

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Why our pipelines are winning & retaining more customers

Customise the order of operations

Create a Pipeline that seamlessly interacts with your order of operation, Easily add in additional stages of the pipeline with unique workflows and automations. 

Custom pipeline

Create as many pipelines as you need

Create unlimited unique pipelines so you can tailor leads to a series of different processes dependant on their needs.

Sales CRM and customer journey pipeline

Automate workflows based on stages

Create unique automations and workflows based on different stages in the pipeline. Have full control of customer journeys even if you have different workflows for different types of customers.

Automation triggers and actions

Payaca's sales pipeline is built for services

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Organise customers

Create customers and keep all deals and attachments to hand with a single click.
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Keep all deals in one place

All your proposals, quotes, estimates & invoices are deals that are assigned to each customer.
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See everything

Understand the status of every deal in your pipeline  so you never miss an opportunity.
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Scheduled reminders

Automate payment reminders or send your team alerts based on customer status.

Custom Pipelines

Create a pipeline tailored to the workflow of your team and business.

Advanced automations

Ping a message to your team based on a customer update with a few clicks.