December 17, 2021

How to convert more job leads

Winning the jobs you deem most valuable to your trade business are competitive, so it’s important to make it easy for your potential customers to pick you.  

Whether you're a plumber & heating engineer, carpenter, painter & decorator, electrician or cover any other trade, we've compiled easy ways to help increase your conversion rate on your job leads.

Create professional looking proposals

They say that it's 'not all about looks' but when your competition is sending clean and sleek looking quotes and invoices, you might miss your chance.

We'd recommend a quote template to ensure that every estimate, quote and invoice you send has the same format and includes your brand logo to aid with your brand reputation and awareness, which are extremely important if you're looking to grow your business.

If you don't want to waste hours of time on paperwork, you could use quoting software to help build your quotes in seconds. With Payaca, you can create and build interactive quotes complete with images and descriptions, so your customers know exactly what they're paying for. You can even add multiple choice and optional extras, which can generate more revenue with every quote you send.

Send your proposals as quickly as possible

If you respond to your job leads quickly, you’re most likely to get a quick response from your customer sooner.

With job management software such as Payaca, you can easily save items and item groups, making it easy to build and send proposals in a few clicks.

Enable online payments

Cash and bank transfers are a thing of the past! You and your customers are now living in a digital age where making a payment can be completed in just a matter of seconds. Not to mention it's easy! And when things are easy, your customers are most likely to get it done quicker, meaning you could get paid on the job!

How do I offer online payments? Payaca software seamlessly integrates with Stripe, meaning you could be getting paid on the job, every time you're on a job.

Offer finance options upon quote

Sometimes potential customers will underestimate the cost of a job resulting in you losing the job lead. What can be even more frustrating is if you actually paid for that job lead...

However, you could increase your chances of converting your job lead by up to 30% if you offer finance options. With Payaca, you can even offer finance options upon quote (including 0% over 12 months)!

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Table of contents
Create professional looking proposals
Send your proposals as quickly as possible
Enable online payments

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