August 11, 2022

How I Created a Union & Won £80k in Unpaid Wages: Sam McDouall | E6

Sam McDouall 50 Shades of Trade podcast episode 6

In this week's episode, Sam McDouall joins Matt on the podcast and reveals the success and drama behind creating his own union. He explains how he managed to recover over £80k in unpaid wages for mistreated electricians and the reason why he fell out with rival union Unite.

In addition to unpaid tradespeople - Sam also speaks up for women in trade. He talks honestly about how his mindset has changed over the years and why it's so important that women in the industry are respected on-site.

During the episode, Sam also discusses the reality behind running a successful podcast on Youtube. He reveals all the hard work that goes into the show behind the scenes and the incredible amount he learns from all the guests he has on the show. You can check out the Electricians Monday Club Podcast here.

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