December 20, 2022

How To Build A 28-Person Business That Runs Itself: Sam Blakeney | E8

Sam Blakeney 50 Shades of Trade podcast episode 8

You're in for an incredible story right here. Sam is one of those rare breeds who continues to push himself beyond the point of success.

After building his 'West Country' plumbing and heating business to a team of 28, Sam reveals how he was able to step back from the business altogether and start his new venture 'NippyChecks'.

Hiring the right people, learning how to trust them and passing on responsibility are some of the key themes Sam attributes to his achievement in successfully handing over the reins to his first business.

And he's on to great things with his second one too. Sam also talks about how he's taken advantage of a unique gap in the market by using electric bikes to boost his new trade business. NippyChecks is turning a number of heads throughout the South West - while setting a fantastic example of how to run your business both sustainably and efficiently.

An inspirational episode full of fantastic business tips. 💯🙌

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