August 23, 2023

The 8 essential tools for electricians as recommended by Little Miss Electrical

Electricians tool box graphic with little miss electrical branding

As an electrician, there are some tools you just can’t do without.

Whether you're new to the industry and want to make sure you're set up for success or you’re established and are looking for that extra edge, these 8 essential tools as recommended by the electrical team at Little Miss Electrical, will ensure you’re best prepared for the job.

So without further ado, let's find out what the team recommends.

Laptop - Cathy Cockin (Company director)

As someone who runs an electrical business, making sure she has access to her laptop and her CRM software is essential, allowing Cathy to manage and run her business wherever she is.

For me, my most important tool is my laptop.

When I was on site more often, I could tell you all about all of my tools all day long but nowadays I honestly couldn’t run my business without my laptop.

It's great because it's pretty small and I can take it everywhere with me. It's an Apple Mac book pro and it lasts so much longer than other laptops.

I recently became a Mum and it fits in my changing bag, my glove box and under my arm so I usually don't leave the house without it. That way I can log on to Payaca anywhere and get things done quickly.

Payaca is the CRM that Cathy uses to run and manage her business. From quoting and invoicing, to customer management and creating service plans, Payaca is an extremely powerful software and an essential tool for any electrical company director.

Impact driver - Sam (Electrician)

For Sam, the tool she values most is her impact driver. It’s a tool she uses every day and is a must-have for any electrician.

When we were first starting out I went halves with my sister on the combi drill/impact driver set and we split it. 

That was 8 years ago and I still haven't broken it. Even though I sometimes use it as a hammer!

As an electrician having something that is durable and efficient is incredibly valuable and for Sam, the impact driver ticks all the boxes.

In particular, she recommends the model from Makita.

Flat Head screwdriver - Milly (Mature apprentice)

Undoubtedly essential for any electrician, the flat-head screwdriver has multiple functions.

It can be used for obvious tasks such as screwing and unscrewing but it also has other valuable uses, such as prying open panels, locating wires, scraping off insulation and tightening terminal connections.

As Milly explains,

I can’t do much without it”.

Rethreading tool - Lucie (Electrician)

Lucie describes this tool as “literally a lifesaver”.

Although it won’t actually save you from fatality, the thread restorer is an incredibly valuable addition to your electrical toolbox.

Primarily used for the repair of damaged threads on screws, bolts, or nuts, this tool is great for fixing conduit fittings, repairing grounding screws and bolts and generally fixing and maintaining any screws that an electrician interacts with on a daily basis.

If you want to pick one up, Lucie recommends buying one from Screwfix where they can be purchased for around £10.

Cable strippers - Chloe (Electrician)

Another invaluable tool is a pair of stripping snippers.

These can be used to strip the insulation off wires and a good pair can save you a lot of pain and effort.

For Chloe, using these snips,

Makes stripping cable so easy on my hands and wrists and makes it so much quicker to fix”.

When you’re dealing with a lot of wires and cabling there’s no point making life harder than necessary and these save a lot of effort.

Chloe recommends picking up a pair of these wire strippers from Amazon for about £30. Make sure that they’re NWS and include the stripping holes.

Electrician’s knife - Joanne (Electrician)

For Joanne, she “genuinely couldn’t live without [her] Sparky’s knife”.

An electrician’s knife is incredibly useful, allowing a sparky to complete multiple different jobs, such as stripping and cutting wires and scoring and slitting cables.

A good knife should be insulated from electrical shocks and have a decent, sometimes adjustable, blade on it.

Marxman marking pen - Bryony (Mature Apprentice)

The Marxman marking pen is a handy piece of equipment that can be used to mark a surface in hard-to-reach places where a pencil can’t get.

This is really helpful when trying to locate holes or mark the path of the cabling that you are going to run and is also helpfully non-permanent.

You can find these tools in all the usual places such as Amazon, Screwfix or B&Q.

Flathead screwdriver - Taylor (Apprentice)

Taylor, like Milly, has also gone for the flat-head screwdriver, making it the only tool to be recommended by two members of the little Miss Electrical team.

Needless to say, this is certainly a tool you should invest in.

Insulation tape - Laura (Mature Apprentice)

For Laura electrical insulation tape is her go-to when working on a job. It has a lot of great applications but is primarily used to insulate electrical wires and prevent short circuits and electrical shocks.

It can also be used for wire colour coding and securing spliced wires.

One unforeseen function that really makes it a winner for Laura is its handy use as a makeshift bandage and injury repair.

As Laura lets us know,

I have become very proficient at the 'leccys bandage

Round up

So that’s it, 8 essential items every electrician needs in their tool kit. To find out more about the team at Little Miss Electrical, check them out at They are an all-female team of fantastic electricians who operate in the West Yorkshire area.

If you want to see more of Cathy and Little Miss Electrical, check out some of our podcast episodes she features in on our channel.

And if you’re looking for the ultimate tool for your electrical business then you really should check out Payaca. A good CRM will take your business to the next level, as it has for Cathy.

Find out more.