Send quotes & invoices with click-through customer finance

Get started in 2 minutes for free

Get started in 2 minutes for free

How click-through customer finance works

Send quotes and invoices with the Payaca app

  • Send a quote with the Payaca finance option turned on.
  • The finance link is displayed below your quote.
Send quotes and invoices with the Payaca app

Customers can borrow up to £25k to fund any home improvement work

  • Your customer can apply directly in 2 minutes.
  • We provide an instant decision with their personalised rate on screen with only a soft credit search.
  • Customers are paid out directly as fast as the same day.
Customers can borrow up to £25k to fund any home improvement work

You take payment in your normal way

  • Customers secure funds upfront so how you take payment is up to you.
  • You can securely store your bank details in the Payaca app to be sent out with each invoice.
  • You pay zero fees and win more work.
You take payment in your normal way

The best app one joiner has ever used!

Key features

Key features

  • Send professional quotes with finance options in seconds.
  • Generate and send invoices as soon as the job is complete.
  • Add your logo to all emails and documents.
  • Keep track of which quotes have been viewed and accepted.
  • Capture signatures and record agreement to your terms.
  • Store all your customer information and keep updated.
  • Securely store payment information and add to invoices.
  • Request deposits and attach photos and files to your emails.
  • Receive notifications customers interact quotes and invoices.

Why use Payaca?

  • Customers can access some of the best rates on the market for loans of £1,000 – £25,000.
  • Instant decisions and same day payments ensures you can book and start work faster.
  • There’s no risk to your company – all finance agreements stay between your customer and the lender.

Used by tradespeople all over the UK

“I’m always on the lookout for ways to give my customers a better experience. With Payaca I can send a professional quote that gives my customers all the information they need to finance the work at a great rate. It’s incredibly simple, it saves me time and I have nothing to worry about.” Colin Sloan – Slimline Property Services
Colin Sloan
“Just did our second quote with you guys, so easy to use and got the job within hours of sending the quote. Big thanks, amazing!” Kris Sale – SOS Plumbing & Heating
Kris Sale
“I’ve found it very easy to use, very easy for the customer and the rates are great. No fees, well worth getting.” George Campbell – Pentland Plumbing & Heating
George Campbell
This is brilliant, it is the best app I have ever used and really professional, top job 👍 James Challans – J.C. Joinery
James Challans
How does it work? With Andy Cam

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Our trusted lenders

We’ve done the hard work searching for the most trusted lenders and offer your customers the best rates on unsecured personal loans up to £25,000. All our lenders use a soft credit search, so your customers get an instant decision without it affecting their credit score. And it’s quick – funds can be with your customer the same day they apply.

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