May 20, 2022

E2 | How A Semi-Pro Footballer Built Lincoln's Highest-Rated Heating Company: Jack McGovern

Image of Jack McGovern on 50 Shades of Trade podcast

50 Shades Of Trade: Episode 2 - Jack McGovern

This week Matt talks to Jack McGovern who founded The Glow Group (TGG) Ltd. - the highest rated home care company in Lincolnshire.

In this episode, Jack shares how his semi-pro football background gave him the skills to build a successful heating engineer team from scratch.

He shares why these last 3 years have been the toughest of his life, reveals the ins and outs of hiring the right people and how he uses software to simplify his business processes.

There are so many incredible business tips in this episode and plenty more still to come, so subscribe to the show and keep your eyes peeled for Episode 3 👀

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