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Offering Payaca to your customers not only delivers their business more profits it also provides you with a passive income years into the future.

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Podcasters, Facebook group owners, Youtubers? If you've got an audience, we can work with you to deliver fantastic content while providing you a passive income.

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Other Businesses

Are you an Architect? Construction Supplier? Or any other business with an audience that would love Payaca? You should become a partner.

Why you should join the Payaca Partner Programme:

Make your customers happy while building a steady consistent income

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Big commissions!

20% ongoing commissions amounts to:

  • A single sale can bring you up to £477.60 every year in passive income
  • If you bring in 5 referrals per month, You earn up to £28,656 every year in passive income. When customers join us they don’t tend to leave.
  • When a customer joins Payaca, They stay with us. Due to the quality of service we provide you can be sure your customers will stick with us and you will generate a healthy passive income that will continue to grow.

How we help our partners grow their business

If you know service based businesses and want to bring them aboard, then you’re the perfect fit. We work with everyone - from accountants and trade suppliers, to Youtubers and Facebook group owners.

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How we help you refer customers to us:

  • Podcasts with our CEO, Matt Franklin
  • Live stream with our CEO, Matt Franklin
  • Banners & custom graphics
  • “What we do” PDF customised to your industry
  • Email swipes you can use to help promote Payaca
  • Custom demo's for your audience

Here's how it works:

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We'll get in contact with you (usually next business day).
Then we'll set you up with a special link to send out to your audience.
Sit back and we will send you commissions from every customer you send our way.

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